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Our Feature Projects:
Foreign Contribution Regulation Act
 (FCRA) Certified Trust in Pollachi, Coimbatore
  • Senior Citizen Homes.
  • Mentally Retarded Homes.
  • Home for Handicapped Children / People.
  • Uplifting of Women for sexual harassment and dowry prohibition acts.
  • Education awareness programme to the Rural Youths.
  • Child Labor Eradication awareness programme.
  • Right to Information Act awareness programme.
  • Self-employment and leadership training for women
Tuition Center:
Tuition Center at thir respective places. The Trust focuses on remote Villages where people are Financially, Socially and Literally, backward. The trust provides free tuitions for thir children irrespective of caste, creed or religion. It admits the students for all classes.The trust hires a house for tuition centers and appoints rural for youth graduates for teaching. The trust meets out all the expenditures for this programme. such as rent for the house, electricity charges and salary for the teachers. Many students are benefited out of this programme. A detailed Auditor report about the expenditure of the "Home for Children" and "Tuition Centers" at thir respective places has been attached with this. This shows a clear and authentic informations & expenditures for running both the "Home" and "Tuition Center".
Religious Action Plan:
The aim of plan is to 'Redeem' and "save the soul" and to show the 'love of god'.The following programme are carried out under this plan.
Revival Meetings:
    Revival Meetings are helf in various places and center. Through these meeting many people are able to get rid of their problems through strong faith in jesus christ.These meetings makes them of to come closure and follow the way of jesus Christ.
     The trust conducts retreats in all areas various 'Bible Topics' which are mostly useful to the youth. The main aim of the Retreat is to Revive and renew thir souls. Mostly Retreats are conducted during festive seasons.
Bible Quiz:
    The trust organized Bible Quiz at various places in association with churches at thir respective places. This programme encourages, children, youth and elders as well to go into the depth of 'the Bible '. It enriches the Biblical truth and strong then thir faith through Bible Verses.
Fasting and all Night Prayers:
      Through this people irrespective of cast creed or religion attends in these prayers and keeps thir applications and Supplications at the feet of jesus Christ", & Through the powerful prayers lead by Reverends; Gospel workers they are able to attain a solution against thir problems. This makes people to have a betterment of pious and peaceful life.
Charitable Action Plan:
The following schemes and projects are carried out under these CAP "For the betterment of Life" and "Upliftment of the children". of social Gypsies, Tribes, Poors and downtrodden of the social sector.
Divine Home for Children:
     The trust runs a home for children at Nallur, Pollachi(TK), where presently 15 students are admitted, and aims at a gradual increase in every Academic year. The trust has its own restrictions and rules and regulations in admitting the students. The trust mainly concentrates the children of Gypsies, Tribes, socially, literarally students and financially backwards.
     The children are admitted in various schools according to thir ages. the trust provides students at good shelter with hygienic nutritious food, cloths cosmetics, beddings, books and note books and all other needs. Indoor and outdoor games are also provided for thir recreation.
     The trust appoints warden who is in charge of the students in all the respective ways. A Cook and an Ayah is also appointed to take care of the students. A visiting Doctor has been arranged to have a periodical health check up. Moral education are also taught by routine visiting of Scholars.
Divine Home for Old Age:
     The trust runse a "Divine Home for Old Age "with 10 age persons.
The trust admits Old age persons from the age 55 years. the trust has its own restriction in admitting them. The Trust concentrates only on persons, who are at in no way coud avail help from thir families to fulfil thir basic needs; uncared; left alone from families and so on. The trust admits these persons from the societies of financially backwards communities. Shelter with all basic amenities, clothes, beddings, foods, medical attention; entertainments, are provided to them. Cultural programmes are contucted to entertain them physically and mentally. Divine thought are taught to them for relaxation by various scholars and philosophers.
The trust appoints Wardens, Cooks, Ayas ; Watchman as the part of administration.
The incombents inpite of thir worries and sadness, enjoys a peaceful life in this Divine Home.
Divine Medical Camp:
     The trust at regular intervals organizes free medical camps at various centers in Rural Areas. The trust in association with various reputed Trust Hospitals; Institution; N.G.O's conduct the medical camps. The trust acts as the main organizer of the camp. Through this camp children, youth, men & women are benifited and are made to have a regular treatment to keep thir health in good shape.
Expenditures : Organisational Expenditures : Rs. 1500/camp.
Divine Burial Scheme :
     The trust its own restrictions, indulges in this burial programme by the recommedation of self help groups, and other recognized organisations the trust considers and getting due certificates from the concerned members of the deceased the trust decides to spend a partial amount for the burial according to the status of the families of the deceased. The trust identifies only the poor of the poorest and arranges for the burial accordingly and as per the restriction specially framed by the trust. A minimum of Rs.750/- is spent for a burial.
H R D - programme :
     Divine Human Resource Development Programme.
This is a Awarners programme, exclusively for the development of children, youth, men & women acording to the changing trends of the world and the standard of life. The trust contacts conforences; seminars workshops at regular intervals. Eminent Sholars, philosophers; social workers. Indusrialist and reputed forms & companies are invited to deliver speeches on various Topics that are suitable to all levels of human, respectively. This initial's power way to find ample opportunity to enrich, their talents in their skills.
The salient feature of this programme is innovative matrimonial Bureau. The Trust actively indulges in this programme finding the right of Lifemates.
Divine Home for Eunuch :
     The Trust concentrates on Eunuchs who are discriminated against the society. As the study all about of Eunuch's in various areas are undergoing. The Trust sooner rham later will com out of various project and schemes. Excusively for the Eunuch in order to get a recognisation in the society. The Trust plans to provide a shelter for Eunuch as an initial stsge of process.
As soon as the preliminary studies are over which is under process the Divine Home for Eunuch will start function initially at a Rental building with all basic anenilies. The Trust expends a considerable amount of Rs. -/= for the preliminary studies.
The Trust has apointed special Co-ordination to handle this project as involves sensitive reactions.
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