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Jesus Divine has been registered as religious and charitabl trust. The trust focuses on relion and charitable activities.Under Religion Action Plan various programme are being conducted in various and places to glorify Jesus Christ and share the love of GOD. The programmes such as, 1.Revival Meeting, 2.Conventions, 3.Bible Quiz, 4.Retreats, 5.Fasting Prayers, 6.All Night Prayer, 7.Children, Youth, Women & Men Programmes, 8.Tribal Ministries, 9.Rural Ministries, 10.Eunuch Ministries, are being carried out in rural and urban areas. Under Charitable Action Plan,Programmes such as 1.Home for Children, 2.Home for Old Age, 3.Home for Eunuch, 4.Free burial, 5.Medical Camps, 6.Helping the Poor, 7.Shelter, for beggars are being carried out. the main feature of the trust under Charitable Action Plan is "Uplifment of Chidren".Under this programme,the childran of poors, Downtrodden. Tribes, Gypsies Orphans & Uncared are benefited.The children are provided with Moral and Social Education. For this purpose.
The trust aims in two different aspects.One is "Home For Children"and the Second is "Tution Center" at their respective places. The Trust runs a "Home For Children "where 15 students are accommodated.It aims at 53 students for the academic year 2006-2007. The trust provides good shelter, food clothes and all other facilities. It provides school education by admitting them in various schools according to their ages. The trust bears all the expenditures of their school and college education.
Divine prayer Center : We build a 20 feet x 40 feet Prayer Center with a help of the Doners & Gifts. There we conducted the special meetings and conventions. Prayer Meetings : These are all regular programmes. Other faith persons aiso participate meals, tea, coffee and snakes will be given by the participates donations. Many of the struggles, problems, suffering peaceful troubled are benefited though our prayers. Some of them are baptaised. Special meeting for school final year students : Every year before the school final Examination we conducted the special prayer meeting for the students. Preachers, Educationalist, human resource persons and guide are the quest speakers.

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